Little Meadows Early Childhood


Our Mission

Little Meadows Early Childhood Center, Inc. will maintain a leadership role as an early childhood agency dedicated to excellence in service to children. We are dedicated to comply with the requirements of the Federal IDEA, and the special education needs of the children with and without disabilities and their families are met by our staff. Through partnership with individuals, families, and the community we will provide the resources to enable young children to reach their full potential in life. We maintain a strong cultural integrity with respect to children, families, and staff with the highest ethical morality.

We offer toddler and preschool classes for children with and without disabilities.

Children are provided a quality early childhood experience in a safe, comfortable, nurturing environment. Focus is placed on child-initiated learning, language development and social/emotional growth.

A high staff/child ratio ensures that each child is given individual attention when needed.

Little Meadows Early Childhood Center is dedicated to meeting the varied needs of all young children. We recognize that the early years are a time of rapid intellectual and physical growth.

Children require stimulating and challenging experiences as they move from one developmental stage to another. At Little Meadows we capture these growth opportunities by providing carefully selected developmentally appropriate activities which ensure success, build self-esteem and are fun.

Little Meadows is approved by:

  • NY State Education Department
  • NY State Department of Health
  • NYC Department of Education
  • NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Little Meadows has a NYS approved Health Care Plan. This plan allows Little Meadows to administer medication to children, if directed by the child’s parent and physician